Episode Zero: MyJority Rules

Every once in a blue moon, the stars align, the burritos are just *that* good, and the right people come together in just the right mindset to make magic happen. Such was it this past Monday, when the Bad Philosophers spewed forth our “first” bit of genius upon a darkening Earth. In layman’s terms: Episode Zero is here. Click “Continue Reading” for show notes and guest list.

Duration: 42:37 | Format: MP3 | Rating: Clean

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Guest List: Kevin “Jeff Mckinzie” Saunders, Stephen “Just the Captain” Torrence, David “Captain and Tennille” Ronderos, Matt “John C. Dvorak” Legler, a few random strangers

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5 Comments on "Episode Zero: MyJority Rules"

  1. Jeff Mckinzie
    21/08/2008 at 1:05 am Permalink

    Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I can;t seem to figure out how to down load episode zero.


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