Episode 141: Sloppy Sci-Fi

In the last couple of decades we’ve seen “gaming” go from a marginal entertainment medium to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Remarkably though, gaming as a cultural force, a storytelling canvas, and even a means of social cohesion is still evolving and changing right before our eyes. This episode we welcome back gaming journalists Britton Peele and Tim Poon to join me and Kevin on a quest for perspective on where gaming is and where its going (or definitely not going). Enjoy!

OH! It’s worth noting that this episode was recorded on our Five Year Anniversary. Woohoo! Thanks for everything, whoever you are. We may or may not be a thing, but it’s been a real pleasure trying to find out. Here’s to the next five years of horrendous philosophy! ^_^

Show Notes
Citizen Kane, Ebert, and Gaming’s Inferiority Complex by Nathan Grayson
Chasing the Dragon by John Teti
Gone Home
BioShock Infinite Thematic Analysis by Peri Psuche
Wolfenstein: The New Order (E3 Trailer)
Quarter Share (book) by Nathan Lowell
Dear Esther
The Kid’s Guide to the Internet
Dave Berry in Cyberspace – How Computers Work

This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage
Some Special by Bratmobile


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    Oh ! Happy birthday to Bad Philosophy !

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