Episode 001: Hello EveryWelcome

Beyond all odds, lightning has struck twice, and the first “official” episode BF is here. Matt, David, and Stephen discuss Stephen’s article in the campus newspaper, spawning a deep, meandering, extravagantly philosophical discussion on neuropsychology, artificial intelligence, and the possibility of a robot future. Join us for a journey deep into the mind, if you dare…

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Duration: 60:18 | Format: MP3 | Rating: Clean

Bad Philosophers: Stephen Torrence, David Ronderos, Matt Legler

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One Comment on "Episode 001: Hello EveryWelcome"

  1. Eyob
    20/12/2008 at 7:30 pm Permalink

    Ey guys,
    just listened to your first show, after heard 5 min of the 0 episode.I may try that one out taler, just because of the aud quality.
    I liked the first show with a lot on interesting stuff that I’ve never heard about. I’ll defenetly try the following shows. Got some catch up to do.

    Greeting from the Netherlands


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