Why not?

Just kidding.

Actually we’re all quite serious here at the Bad Philosophy podcast. Through our incredible depth and breadth of knowledge about reality, we hope to shape the perception of all mankind toward a brighter future, free from the clutches of ignorance, apathy, and… aw, screw it.

Really we’re just a bunch of bored college graduates trying to do something entertaining with all this philosophy rolling around in our caffiene-addicted brains. To us, reality exists for the sole purpose of our relentless criticism, the status quo doesn’t stand a chance, and rabbit trails aren’t just the final frontier, they’re the only frontier.

Join us, if you dare…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you abbreviate “Bad Philosophy” as BF? I mean really, what the heck?

A: Because the acronym BP was already taken by British Petroleum (or Beyond Petroleum… or whatever the hell they call themselves now). And because “F” is phonetic. And because it’s impossible to type BΦ using T9. And… just listen to Episode 011.

Q: What is the Bad Philosophy pre-show music?

A: It’s one of the catchy audio clips from GarageBand called “Roller Derby.”

Q: How did you come up with the name “Bad Philosophy”

A: It was inspired by Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer. Stephen liked the concept and felt it summed up the show nicely.

Q: How does one go about becoming a guest on BF?

A: We would recommend posting your credentials and passions on our Facebook page or as a reply to us on Twitter, along with some good topic ideas. Asking a stimulating philosophical question on our Formspring doesn’t hurt either.

Q: What is your definition of philosophical?

A: Having to do (even vaguely) with philosophy.

– – –

Got more questions for us?

Ask us a question on Formspring! We might even answer it in the FormSqueeze segment of our show.

(D’oh… Looks like Formspring is no longer a Thing. Sorta like almost every other platform we got really excited about over the years. If you want, you can still email us though.)