Episode 042b: Plato’s Movie Theater

Imagine yourself in a movie theater. It is the only place you’ve ever known. The smell of popcorn, the sticky floors, and of course the endless projected movies on the screen are your reality. What would you believe about “the real world” if this was all you knew? Would you even believe there was one if someone told you?

Plato asked questions like this over 2000 years ago in his infamous “Allegory of the Cave” from The Republic. On this historic episode, Kevin Saunders and I read and discuss the dialogue itself… in character (yes, we are that awesome). You can read along with us if you’d like (trust us, the wording can get pretty thick).

On a side note, we’re also ONE YEAR OLD as of a few days ago! Please wish us a happy birthday if you’d like, and then go listen to Episode Zero while shedding a nostalgic tear.

Stickam version below of course:

This week’s post-show song pimpage: “Bruce’s Philosophers’ Song” by Monty Python

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