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Episode 003: What Would Hitler Choose?

After a rather significant rain delay, the wild of musings of the Bad Philosophers are back. With the healthy addition of founding member Eric Beutlich, we went on a rockin’ roller coaster ride that kicked off with some pondering about free will, meandered around to the homogenization of modern society, and even weathered an unfortunate […]

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Episode 002: The Fertility of Penguins

Unbeknownst to our listeners, we intrepid Bad Philosophers have taken a sudden interest in the mating habits of sphenisciformes. Gone are the days of Descartes and neuroscience. Henceforth, we shall devote all our time and energy to covering in laborious detail the intricacies of hot, feathery, penguin sex. In all seriousness though, we actually just […]

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Absurdity of Absurdities

Finally the home base of the Bad Philosophers is taking shape. I have settled on a slightly modified version of FRESH01’s “Scruffy” theme and I am fuddling my way through CSS and PHP to do said modifications. As you can see, some rather flabbergasted philosophers (René Descartes and John Locke, to be exact) have landed […]

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Opening our eyes on a brand new world…

…and then promptly asking why it looks so bland. Construction commences…

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