Episode 003: What Would Hitler Choose?

After a rather significant rain delay, the wild of musings of the Bad Philosophers are back. With the healthy addition of founding member Eric Beutlich, we went on a rockin’ roller coaster ride that kicked off with some pondering about free will, meandered around to the homogenization of modern society, and even weathered an unfortunate appearance of Godwin’s Law before dropping precipitously into the depths of the problem of evil and narrowly skirting decapitation. By the end of the ride… well… let’s just say the roller coaster operators had a few “protein spills” to clean up. Enjoy…

I did some meddling with the intro sequence on this one. Also, be sure to listen all the way to end. As you may have discovered already, there will be a different audible morsel following each episode. Collect them all and you might win a pat on the back from a horny penguin!

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