Rule Set Update E

[Production Note from Stephen: This episode was originally recorded on May 17, 2015. Yes. Quite a long time ago. I recommend re-listening to (or watching) Episode 151 for a hint at where this came from. My personal frustration with an inability to effect change in the world came to a head last year around April 2015. Many “necessary” things in my life had fallen away, and I saw a new path open up before me. I’ve been following this path ever since, and it has required almost all of my time and dedication. Now, in an interlude of sorts, I’m picking up some of the pieces of BF that I left hanging and getting them out into the world, starting with this rather odd Betweenisode. There’s another excellent episode coming, and a lot more information too. Thank y’all for your patience, understanding, and support.]

Kevin and Stephen reflect on episodes 160161, and 162, then refresh the rule framework of BF with a change, removal, and addition. Once again, we had to make an addition on behalf of the audience, and Kevin threw quite a curve-ball with his change on this one.

For more on Stephen’s “EcoTexan” path so far, check out…

Also in the meantime, Kevin has launched a Fiasco podcast!
Check it out. It’s pretty cool.

Change: HOST | Kevin
Add: IMITATE | Stephen (via Audience email)

New Rule Set: [F]

  • Kevin hosts every episode | HOST
  • Each episode is roughly 1 hour long | LENGTH
  • We record episodes using audio only | MEDIUM
  • Episodes are posted every 3 weeks | FREQUENCY
  • We choose an explicitly philosophical topic to guide every episode | TOPIC
  • Digressions (aka. rabbit trails) are okay | FLAVOR
  • We use post-show music at the end of each episode | MUSIC
  • We include post-show banter cut from each episode | POSTSHOW
  • We include a “stinger” at the end of each episode | STINGER
  • We do not edit episodes for time and content | EDITING
  • We assume listeners have heard at least 5 recent episodes | BACKGROUND
  • We record using whatever devices are available | EQUIPMENT
  • We record wherever is most convenient | LOCATION
  • The host ends every episode with the phrase “We’ll see you next time, on Bad Philosophy” | CLOSING
  • For every episode, we must have at least one guest who is not like us (i.e. not white/male/straight/etc.) | GUEST
  • If any of these rules are not met, each host may choose one song lyric that the other must post on their personal Twitter account within a day of the episode going live with the hashtag #bfail | FAIL
  • For 5 minutes each episode, the hosts shall authentically embody someone they have met in person | IMITATE

You can see the official “diff” on GitHub here.

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