Episode 151: You’re Welcome, Google

We seem to have painted ourselves into a corner. The utopian promises of consumer capitalism have failed to materialize. Today we are more financially unequal than ever. The global hegemony is a plutocracy, whose asset-based power shapes political policies, information flows, and social structures with unaccountable hands. True reform is elusive, despite what should have been a devastating financial crisis in 2008. Roberto Unger is angry about this! On today’s show, Kevin and I ask some simple, troubling questions about our predicament, ponder the role of the individual in global change, and dote on cats. Because cats. Have a listen (or watch)!



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Zum Greifen nah by Bersarin Quartett

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2 Comments on "Episode 151: You’re Welcome, Google"

  1. Koen
    11/01/2015 at 5:03 pm Permalink

    Ey there,
    This is Koen from the Netherlands. I’ve been a listener from the start but not a loyal one. I listen to a lot of podcast so some take me more time than other.
    I like the fact that you want to change the podcast with minor changes at a time. Even thought there wasn’t anything that particularly bothered me.
    The episodes I liked most were the first few ones where you talked about some basic philosophy and the thinkers. Maybe it would be nice if you could do one or two episodes talking about some of those subjects.
    Then again I loved the Fire Sale episode with the board game Fiasco. And where you talked about movies and books. (You made me bought Machine of Death)

    Just a few episodes and I’ll be up to date.

    Alright talk to you later and good luck with the chatter.


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