Episode 132: Of Television

It’s a nice day to start again, folks. The end of January marked the beginning of the first Coursera MOOC purely focused on the venerable phield of philosophy. In this first application of the first week of material (what I meant but forgot to call “Coursera Diaries Part I”), Kevin and I test out Dave Ward’s conception of philosophy as “the activity of working out the right way of thinking about the things that matter most to us.” Television happens to matter quite a bit to me and Kevin, so we put on our best drinking caps for one of our more intentionally F-isodes in a while. So man the boats, don’t touch that dial, and prepare to go meta, it’s BF time!

This Week’s Post-Show Song Pimpage:
“Kill Your Televion” by God Fodder

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One Comment on "Episode 132: Of Television"

  1. Maya
    02/04/2013 at 5:58 am Permalink

    Very interesting episode. Although. I don’t think that Netflix is a television. I don’t live in the USA, so I’ve never used Netflix but what I can read about it online – Netlfix is only available in the Internet. So, if Netflix released whole seasons or not wouldn’t matter anymore in terms of talking about television, because Netflix is not a television.

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