Episode 093: Ironically Undignified

Picture this. You’re at a swingin’ house party, it’s 1 AM, and you are royally plastered. A witty, well-styled person ambles up and you two have a fantastic conversation. As the person walks away, you realize you have no clue as to the person’s gender or name. In a drunken haze that miraculously still leaves you conscious of controversial linguistic etiquette, you calmly turn to your nearest fellow party-goer and ask, “Excuse me, do you happen to know eirs name? E and I had a wonderful talk but I never got it.” Presuming this partygoer clearly understood your drunk ass over the Arcade Fire blaring through the smokey darkness, you just avoided an awkward social misstep through the cunning use of the Spivak pronoun. Congratulations!

This week we delve into the philosophy and linguistics of gender-neutral pronouns, with all (or most) of the social and political baggage that entails. Here to weigh in on the subject were BF veterans Matt Legler and Kevin Saunders alongside resident linguist Kiki Canon. So whether you believe that the moon is a flaming homosexual guy, that kids should be raised without others knowing eir sex, or that ICQ was the greatest means of communication the human race will ever invent, dust off that copy of Dreamsnake and come aboard for our trip into the gender-neutral wild…

This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage: “Talkin Gender Neutral Blues” by Kristin Lems

Question Answered in This Week’s Formsqueeze: Best/Worst shows currently on TV?

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