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Episode 082: Saunders on Saunders

Imagine if falling in love was as easy as taking a pill. Scary? Exciting? Kind of rad? Well, to make up for the distinct lack of anything resembling actual philosophy last week, we decided to delve straight into this and other hardcore questions, courtesy of George Saunders and his recent short story in The New […]

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We’re a Thing?!

So kudos to Kevin for noticing that we are (and apparently have been) on the Guide to Online Schools’ list of the “Top 50 Philosophy Podcasts.” Number TWO, to be precise. I have no idea what criteria these folks use, or even who is doing the criteria determination, so I have no clue who to […]

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Episode 081: Totally Cuffless

2011 is here, everybody! That’s right, Twenty Eleven. Five syllables. The perfect length for pronouncing a year. Incidentally, it’s also the first of our many predictions for the upcoming year and observations regarding the last. This New Year’s Day we got a smashing smattering of smart and smarmy panelists together… plus Kiki! We had a […]

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