Episode 081: Totally Cuffless

2011 is here, everybody! That’s right, Twenty Eleven. Five syllables. The perfect length for pronouncing a year. Incidentally, it’s also the first of our many predictions for the upcoming year and observations regarding the last. This New Year’s Day we got a smashing smattering of smart and smarmy panelists together… plus Kiki! We had a grand ol’ time finding the ideal abandoned hotel conference center to have our show and an even grander time kissing 2010 goodbye, helping her move out her things while exuberantly texting 2011 to come on over as fast as annually possible. Enjoy the show, everyone!

We invite you to post YOUR bad philosophical predictions for 2011 in the comments. Be raunchy, be clever, and most importantly… be prescient! (It makes us look good)

This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage: “New Year’s Resolution Song” by Rhett and Link

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