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New Years Episodes

All of our New Years episodes EVER, on ONE page!

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We Have a Wiki!

Attention, everyone! After careful deliberation over a leftover half-sub from Firehouse, I decided last night to buckle up and install MediaWiki on our server. That means we’ve now got a full-fledged, Wikipedia-style wiki right here just for our use. We invite you to use this wiki to help us create an ongoing catalog of information […]

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We’re a Thing?!

So kudos to Kevin for noticing that we are (and apparently have been) on the Guide to Online Schools’ list of the “Top 50 Philosophy Podcasts.” Number TWO, to be precise. I have no idea what criteria these folks use, or even who is doing the criteria determination, so I have no clue who to […]

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Watch Kevin Read Ulysses LIVE

Tomorrow our intrepid theater grad student Kevin Saunders will undertake a feat unparalleled in his existence. He will stream himself reading ALL of James Joyce’s adaptation of The Odyssey, “Ulysses” live on the Internet. Check out the link below for more details on the event and how you can become a part of it! Ustream […]

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We’ve got merch

Along with giving our header and other official logos a nice high-resolution facelift, I’ve also created an official merchandise store for BF at You can buy T-Shirts in both men’s and women’s styles, as well as a snazzy mousepad. PrintFection doesn’t do much more than apparel, but they do apparel better than anyone else. […]

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