Episode 077: The Untimely Death of Stephen

Imagine having an army of workers ready to do your bidding, no matter how menial and trivial, as long as you pay them some semblance of a decent wage. That’s Amazon Mechanical Turk in a nutshell, with which people are doing strange and wonderful things. To discuss this and other randomness, we had the pleasure of bringing back Numero Uno Fanboy turned Bad Philosopher Jed Cummins, alongside newly-minted Clear Channel savant / amateur foley artist Simon Ponder. Oh yeah, and Kevin Saunders got to host half the episode. How the hell did that come about? Well, have a listen!
This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage: “F*** You” by Cee-LO, sung by William Shatner

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One Comment on "Episode 077: The Untimely Death of Stephen"

  1. MossyQuartz
    05/12/2010 at 3:57 pm Permalink

    Did someone ask about drawing Venn Diagrams without using a pencil and paper? There used to be a website with resources that I let my children use for homework when they were younger, let’s see if I can remember the name and find it again. Ah, there it is:
    Go take a look at Read Write Think and click on the left-hand side selection of Student Interactives and you’ll find a couple of Venn Diagram tools as well as some other stuff that was helpful for when my young ones were in elementary school. Oh, and put me in the intersecting circles lists for some Miley Cyrus, Terry Pratchett, neo-Zombies, Bento-for-allergies, and Armchair-Philosophy whether bad or otherwise.

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