Episode 006: Metanoids

We’ve started it people, we really have. This time we had no idea what to talk about, so we took what is arguably the first step in the typical death throe sequence of serial entertainment: the Behind-the-Scenes Show (*collective gasp!*). Before you know it we’ll be doing the Blooper Show, followed by the Old-Cast-Member Show, followed by… wait! We’re not dead yet. Why, this week we actually got bold enough to show you our faces. You can watch the full, unedited episode courtesy of Stickam. “Why the heck would I want to see that,” you say? One word: prodcasting. In the future we’ll tweet when we’re recording live, so make sure you’re following one of us.

As for the episode itself, we metaphiles meander through a meta-maze of meta-discussion about meta-this and meta-that. Little history of the show, little thoughts on podcasting, little DNA patenting… You know, the usual. But in the event that we disgust you so much that you must send us a poorly-worded email in ALL CAPS, this is your lucky day. Cheers…

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  1. [...] I mean… he’s okay… I guess. It turned into another meta-episode (you love those, right?) as we threw down…

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