We Have a Wiki!

Attention, everyone! After careful deliberation over a leftover half-sub from Firehouse, I decided last night to buckle up and install MediaWiki on our server. That means we’ve now got a full-fledged, Wikipedia-style wiki right here just for our use. We invite you to use this wiki to help us create an ongoing catalog of information on the show, its people, its history, and much more. Adding this wiki is a logical move for the show, and honestly should have been done much sooner. We’ve long needed a platform for things like detailed show notes, crowd-sourced episode transcriptions, and in-depth etymologies for the many BF-isms.

Be warned though, not all the functionality you know and love from Wikipedia is quite ready to go yet. I’m still in the process of figuring out the whole infrastructure of MediaWiki pretty much from scratch. It’s all well-documented but… frak if there isn’t a crap-load of documentation to slog through. That’s why in addition to asking for your help in adding first-order content to the wiki on any and all topics BF, I’m requesting some help with the second-order structure and construction of the site. These include things like porting Wikipedia functionality, designing and implementing templates for episode show note pages, and so forth. If you’ve got chops in this arena, please shoot me an email and we’ll see about getting you some extra permissions.

For those of you who’d like to avoid the gobbledeegook code and just do some good old-fashioned content writing, head on over to the link below and get yourself registered. This is your chance to make a lasting and meaningful contribution to the show. I mean, we’ll still accept your money. We’re not that crazy. We’re just all about giving you the means to build something with us and with your fellow fans. We think that’s really special, and we’re excited to see what you decide to create, highlight, and expand upon. (I suggest starting with a list of Kevin-isms. The world needs to know!)

Knock yourselves out:

Enter the Official BFWiki

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