Rule Set Update D

Kevin and Stephen reflect on episodes 157, 158, and 159, then refresh the rule framework of BF with a change, removal, and addition. with a change, removal, and addition. Once again, we had to make a change on behalf of the audience (Please email us if you have a rule to suggest for next time!). We also cleaned up the formatting a bit and gave each rule a sexy short name. If you would like to submit a rule change suggestion, you may do so by following the Git process or emailing us. Cheers!

Change: TOPIC | Audience (via Stephen)
Add: GUEST | Kevin

New Rule Set: [E]

  • Stephen hosts every episode | HOST
  • Each episode is roughly 1 hour long | LENGTH
  • We record episodes using audio only | MEDIUM
  • Episodes are posted every 3 weeks | FREQUENCY
  • We choose an explicitly philosophical topic to guide every episode | TOPIC
  • Digressions (aka. rabbit trails) are okay | FLAVOR
  • We use post-show music at the end of each episode | MUSIC
  • We include post-show banter cut from each episode | POSTSHOW
  • We include a “stinger” at the end of each episode | STINGER
  • We do not edit episodes for time and content | EDITING
  • We talk to each other and to the audience | ADDRESS
  • We assume listeners have heard at least 5 recent episodes | BACKGROUND
  • We record using whatever devices are available | EQUIPMENT
  • We record wherever is most convenient | LOCATION
  • The host ends every episode with the phrase “We’ll see you next time, on Bad Philosophy” | CLOSING
  • For every episode, we must have at least one guest who is not like us (i.e. not white/male/straight/etc.) | GUEST
  • If any of these rules are not met, each host may choose one song lyric that the other must post on their personal Twitter account within a day of the episode going live with the hashtag #bfail | FAIL

You can see the official “diff” on GitHub here.


“Deus Ex Machina” by Whirligig Productions

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