Episode 158: Bald Philosophy

A long time ago, in a gaming tavern not that far away, three nerds gathered around coffee-infused beers to talk Star Wars, sci-fi, and (of course) philosophy. In what is perhaps our first official “cross-over” show, we welcomed Robert Bapst of the Bald Solo Podcast. He brought loads of nifty audio gear and a wookieepedic knowledge of the Star Wars universe to the table. It was more fun than bulls-eyeing womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon. Have a listen!


Show Notes

Show Songs

“Star Wars Theme” by John Williams

“Opening Title Sequence” from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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2 Comments on "Episode 158: Bald Philosophy"

  1. chinkle
    02/02/2015 at 10:29 pm Permalink

    The character lecturing Picard about chasing his whale in the movie ST:First Contact in was NOT Guinan (at 40m15s). You got the wrong African-American woman. 🙂 That was Lily, played by Alfre Woodard.


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