Episode 146: Ternalism Part 2: Academic’d

Just in time for the conclusion of Finals Week, we bring you Part Deux of our “critically acclaimed” series on paternalism / maternalism in contemporary academia. BIG apologies for the delay on this one. I dropped the ball. Screwed the pooch. Zigged when I should’ve zagged. BUT the episode is here! We even got the venerable Shawn Brackett back on to reprise his role as our resident Expert on All Things Higher Education (eat your heart out, Rick Harrison). He even ran a whole marathon recently, so please send him some huge props for that. Enjoy the show…

Show Notes

This Week’s Post-Show Song
“End of the World” by Hunter Hunted

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3 Comments on "Episode 146: Ternalism Part 2: Academic’d"

  1. Squeezie
    22/12/2013 at 5:12 am Permalink

    What’s “ferba” or “ferba” ?

  2. StephenTorrence
    26/12/2013 at 6:05 pm Permalink

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act


  3. Squeezie
    28/12/2013 at 7:11 am Permalink

    Thanks to answer me, and I’m sorry because I ask that without know That was answer, I must listen more .
    Big apologies for this .
    Plus .
    Have a good day

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