Episode 145: Ternalism (Part 1)

How did you feel about the staff at your university when they enforced policy? When they told you that something wasn’t in your best interest? When they offered to help you through tough times? It’s been a while since we’ve visited the subject of Higher Education, and we’ve perhaps never approached it from quite the same vector as this episode. Student Affairs veteran and resident synesthete Shawn Brackett joins me and Kevin for an insider’s look at institutionalized paternalist / maternalist practices in public universities, historical precedents for them, and some questions around the ethics of their implementation. So settle in for some free pizza, free condoms, and free thought in this week’s BF.

Contrary to our habits, we enjoyed this topic so much that we are bringing y’all a Part TWO hot on its heels in the next week (or two). We encourage you to peruse the links below for further reading / context. On Facebook or in the comments here we invite you to leave comments and questions which we’ll address in the next episode. Exciting!

Show Notes

(Via Shawn Brackett)

This Week’s Post-Show Song

You Should Consider Having Sex with a Bearded Man” by The Beards

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