Episode 129: Poddly-Woddly

Time is hard! It ebbs and flows and sometimes just goes off on its own without even telling you. No one knows this better than everyone’s favorite Doctor, of course. But is Doctor Who a religion? We recently discovered PBS Idea Channel, who has, conveniently enough, asked this very question. Kevin and I had some thoughts on this, as well as some (completely unrelated) ruminations on Facebook, memory and identity. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Facebook and science fiction, you might want to unfriend these people. So grab your sonic screwdriver, update your status, and have a listen!

This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage:
“Doctor Who” Ultimate Title Mix

Questions Answered in This Week’s FormSqueeze:
What ARE you guys?

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One Comment on "Episode 129: Poddly-Woddly"

  1. Kim Saunders
    31/12/2012 at 5:01 pm Permalink

    So many comments…so little time. On the religion thing; I think some people (including me) want their religion to be further defined than the broad Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Jewish. For instance, I’m Christian, but I don’t want people to think that I don’t drink or dance for instance. I don’t want them to automatically ascribe certain traits to me. I don’t want them to assume that they know how I think about social issues such as Marriage Equality.

    Another thing that I thought of as I listened to the “after show”…both of you mentioned how audio books really stick with you in a way that “read” books don’t. Kevin was/is an auditory learner and I was wondering if Stephen is too.

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