Episode 119: Giant Monster Whiteboard

There comes a time in every genre’s life when it must look upon itself in a mirror, carefully inspecting the features and subtleties that have shaped and defined it… then scream in terror as the monster to end all monsters suddenly materializes in the reflection, spurring the genre to fight tooth and nail, pulling on everything it is to become something stronger, deeper, more utterly kickass.

You might say Cabin in the Woods, love child of Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon, does just this for the horror movie genre. On this episode Kevin and I discuss the film immediately after seeing it. We highly recommend that you see the movie yourself before listening since we dive freely into its structure and themes. Cabin is undeniably hot right now, and for many good reasons. See the movie, listen to our take, and give us your opinion in the comments!

This Week’s Post-Show Song Pimpage:
Re Vos Cerveaux” by Jonathan Coulton

Questions Answered in This Week’s FormSqueeze:
Movies on repeat?

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