Episode 113: Max Headroom

Have you ever noticed how fast food that you buy never looks like the pictures? Oh, or gotten super frustrated when you plug in a USB port backwards? Have you ever just wished that everyone followed a simple set of rules for living? Now… have you ever thought about writing hyper-rational, detailed rants on these issues down as if they were akin to the Laws of Thermodynamics? An intriguing chap named Dario D has, and this episode Kevin, Simon and I decided to rip him a new one for it. We disagree with this intrepid modernist on many, many things… but to be honest, it’s about as bad as Bad Philosophy can get. Have a listen!

EDIT: A listener has pointed out that some of our criticisms on Dario in this episode may have come across as decided ad hominem. Contribute your thoughts to the discussion on our Facebook page.

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This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage: “Be My Echo” by Grover and Madeline Khan

Questions Answered in This Week’s FormSqueeze:

Mental image of the Bad Philosophers?
Looking for Ben Brown?
All-inclusive catalogs?

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