Episode 066: 6 Years and It’s Over

Tragedy struck the podcast this past week. As Kevin Saunders departed for his trip to Prague, the plane encountered unusually heavy turbulance over a remote region of the South Pacific (why the pilot was flying over the Pacific to get to Eastern Europe is perhaps an even greater mystery). Kevin’s plane and all aboard crash landed in the water, but many washed ashore in relative safety. Now Kevin has been forced to survive as supernatural events and interpersonal intrigue threaten to…

OH! Sorry, I was getting that confused with something else. You see, LOST has sorta been on our minds recently, having wrapped up it’s sixth and final season this past weekend. In case you haven’t had enough post-show commentary already, we decided to throw in our two cents. Lostie Britton Peele joins us in this episode for his first appearance on BF as we discuss religious undertones, shoddy writing, and the occasional double-back over the course of this epic prime time show’s run. So sit back and come sail away with us on this totally LOST episode of BF…


(Don’t say we didn’t warn you)

This week’s post-show song pimpage: “Theme from Gilligan’s Island”

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