Episode 043: Endless Meltdown

It should be no surprise to you that we here are, for the most part, poor college students doing this for a hobby. Nevertheless, in this exciting world of new media opportunities and inexplicable successes, we cannot help but hold a glimmer of hope for a future in which we roll around in big piles money for BF-ing all day long. This week Kevin, Jed, and I discuss merchandise, cultural shifts, and the future of the show. Got an idea that we didn’t cover? Leave us a comment! We promise we’ll listen.

This week’s post-show song pimpage: “Money Song” by Monty Python

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One Comment on "Episode 043: Endless Meltdown"

  1. artistfire
    09/09/2009 at 11:44 am Permalink

    I find it interesting what you mentioned about the attention span of the general population.

    I have myself, noticed shifts in said attention spans, however, it is not only shifting in one direction.

    While on the one hand, Television shows, for example, have indeed been getting shorter, which in my oppinion is partly due to lack of interest, and partly to corporate greed (in other words, cram as many comercials in as possible)

    On the other hand, we find that movies, at least in certain Genres, are actually getting longer.

    Take Lord of the Rings, for Example. Here you have Movies upwards of three hours long, People not only go, and sit through the entire midnight premier of Return of the King without so much as a bathroom break (not that I, err, um, did that….) but afterwards they are still not quenched and so will purchase the Extended Editions.

    The Trend that I am seeing is more a Craving of Substance. The General population has grown weary of “fluff” and require something more substancial.

    This is why 3 hour movies are sucessfull, and 750 page novels are on the best sellers list. It is why Comedy films are getting shorter, while “epic” type films are getting longer. Because when a story needs to be told, Putting a time limit on it only serves to cheapen the tale, and we don’t want that.

    It is true, that as you said, some things are “addictive” or “viral” in nature, little five minute clips that make you laugh, even though you’re not sure why they are funny. and yet you watch them over and over, and send them to your friends and they do the same. I recently fell victim to one such clip tittled “llamas with hats” It was horrible, and wrong, and yet I watched it five times, and sent it to everyone.

    It is also Notable that while some shows, like sitcoms for example, have grown shorter, there is also a sizable Niche for longer, full hour (well 42 minutes on the dvd) shows like “House” or “C.S.I.” Television series’ which are of a more serious nature, although they often have bits of comedy laced throughout. To Serious and people will still loose interest.

    Still, if this is the case, and it is genuinely substance that the people are Craving. That does Bode well for you, as your show is ripe with it. I have come to think of your as not only a show about Philosophy, but a Forum for Intellectual Discussion.

    I hope you fellows continue for many years to come.

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