Hang in there, peeps!

I’m sure many of y’all are wondering anxiously where our latest episode is. Believe me, we’d love to bring it to you, but recently we’ve been having some serious issues with our web host. They were recently *acquired* by another company and the transition has been… rough. We lost our database briefly last week and then got our storage space slashed down to an unusable 750mb.

Since we’re going to have to pay more for additional hosting anyway, we figured we’d use this chance to transition over to a better web host. At this point we’re weighing the comparative benefits of GoDaddy and Squarespace. The former is cheap, ubiquitous, and would allow us to continue using WordPress. The latter is fast and flexible but would require a site redesign since they do not support WordPress directly.

Whichever way we go, rest assured we should have Episodes 32 and 33 up here shortly. We’d like to remind y’all that a collection of clips from all shows is still up in the BF Soundboard. Feel free to listen and remix to your heart’s desire.

Thanks again for sticking with us, peeps! Through the F times and the B, we love having you with us.

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One Comment on "Hang in there, peeps!"

  1. Brian
    22/05/2009 at 1:06 pm Permalink

    I’ve got K.B.S.(Kevin Burnout Syndrome). Recovery potential unknown. Show needs bigger thinking and scope.

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