Episode 015: Save KTXT!

Something appalling just happened here at Texas Tech. On the evening of December 10th, Tech decided to pull the plug on our 47-year-strong campus radio station, KTXT 88.1 FM. This move came with no warning, no recourse, and at a moment when students had finished the semester and gone home. Needless to say, we got pissed. Thankfully, BF was right there to pick up on this developing story, and we managed to get (former?) KTXT DJ Benjamin Brown on the show via Skype to give us the inside scoop. Intrigue, deception, and the sudden death of a Lubbock tradition – it’s all here! Have a listen…

ATTENTION! If you are a Tech student and would like more information on how you can help save KTXT, please join the Facebook group and take the actions they suggest. Don’t let our station perish! ACT NOW!

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3 Comments on "Episode 015: Save KTXT!"

  1. Marvin Hudgens
    05/01/2009 at 6:17 pm Permalink

    I am not a fan of having a voice in one ear with nothing but static and/or the sound of someone listening to someone else speak in the other. Please change this, besides sound, and a certain person usually (and annoyingly) monopolizing the conversation, you guys are great. Thanks.


  2. StephenTorrence
    05/01/2009 at 9:58 pm Permalink


    Thanks for the feedback! We were experimenting with the whole stereo configuration for this episode, and have decided to go back to mono for future episodes. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise!


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