Rule Set Update C

Kevin and Stephen reflect on episodes 154, 155, and 156, and refresh the rule framework of BF with a change, removal, and addition. Since we screwed up in planning, Kevin changed a rule on behalf of the audience. We also began using GitHub to publicly host and edit the canonical rule set. If you would like to submit a rule change suggestion, you may do so by following the Git process or emailing us. Cheers!

Change: Audience (via Kevin)
Remove: Kevin
Add: Stephen

New Rule Set: [D]

  • [Stephen] hosts [every] episode
  • Each episode is roughly [1 hour] long
  • We record episodes using [audio only]
  • Episodes are posted every [3 weeks]
  • We have at least [1] guest on every episode (Removed by Kevin)
  • We [do] choose a topic before every episode
  • Digressions (aka. rabbit trails) are [okay]
  • We [do] use post-show music at the end of each episode
  • We [do] include post-show banter cut from each episode
  • We [do] include a “stinger”at the end of each episode
  • We [do not] edit episodes for time and content (Changed by Kevin on behalf of Audience)
  • We talk to [each other] [and] to [the audience]
  • We assume listeners have heard at least [5] recent episodes
  • We record using [whatever devices are available]
  • We record [wherever is most convenient]
  • The host ends every episode with the phrase [“We’ll see you next time, on Bad Philosophy”]
  • For 10 minutes each episode all participates may not use first-person singular or plural pronouns, during a period known as the Linguistic Labyrinth
  • *NEW* If any of these rules are not met, each host may choose one song lyric that the other must post on their personal Twitter account within a day of the episode going live with the hashtag #bfail (added by Stephen)

You can see the official “diff” on GitHub here.

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One Comment on "Rule Set Update C"

  1. Squeezie
    14/11/2014 at 11:18 am Permalink

    I believe that I left this comment because Kevin (can I write only your name ?) said that he was ashamed because he signs with Stephen, on First of May.

    So, everyone is allowed to participate to the show ?
    Only if they share 3 links about the subject, right ?
    Hm, interesting.

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