Episode 138: No Longer a Thing

Let’s be honest, it feels really good to be right, to be correct, to stand on an epistemic foundation and know that no matter what, no one can come along and challenge the rock-solidity of that foundation. But… what if we could be wrong about that? What if we could be wrong about a lot of things? What if we could even be wrong even about these foundations, these necessary truths, these infallible wells of knowledge? Joining me to discuss this philosophical realm, known as fallibilism, is Dr. Mark Webb, all the way from Seville, Spain! Oh, and Kevin, because Kevin. We could be wrong, but we think you’ll really love this episode.

Show Notes:

Fallibilism – Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
XKCD – Map Projections
The Grammar of Meaning – Amazon
“The Power of ‘I Don’t Know'” by Tim Kreider – NY Times

This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage:

Community – The DJ Steve Porter Remix!

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