Episode 115: Scorns and Flattery

“To be or not to be? Aye, there’s the point.”

Quite honestly, it astounds me that this particular wording of a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet comes to us from a so-called “bad” version. I rather like it. But who am I to judge thespian subtleties, eh? That’s why I called in certified Master of Theatre Kevin Saunders to help me gush over and carefully analyze Canadian dramedy Slings and Arrows. It’s carefully woven story lines and brilliantly developed characters expertly weave the themes of Shakespeare into a modern setting, and make for some lively discussion of course. Why, it may even tear you away from writing that good version of The Phantom Menace that someone should’ve convinced King George to make in the first. Break a leg! And have a listen…

This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage:
Closing Theme from Slings and Arrows

Questions Answered in This Week’s FormSqueeze:
State relations?

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