Episode 064: Foremanslaw

Oh my… *cough* …wow, I had no idea dust built up that quickly …on the Internet. ANYWHO. We’re back, yes indeed. And we brought along a classic F-isode just for y’all! Yeah it may be last week’s news, but apparently Iron Man 2 dropped in theaters. Oh, and apparently Stephen Hawking said something about aliens. So what did Kevin Saunders, Matt Legler, Kiki Grover, Jed Cummins, and I talk about? Why, what NOT to do when the UFO’s abduct your sorry ass, that’s what! So pull on your Cosa Nostra t-shirt, strap into your Mark IV armor, and slap some ‘slaw on your George Foreman grill… it’s BF time!

This week’s post-show song pimpage: “Pomp and Circumstance (Heavy Metal Version)” by Wolf Hoffman

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One Comment on "Episode 064: Foremanslaw"

  1. Crataegus
    21/05/2010 at 5:11 pm Permalink

    Salut, guten Tag, hello, ahoj, ciao &c.

    First, I’d like to say I’m a big fan. Second, I’d like to apologise for this entirely tangential transition, but I was listening to your older podcasts and I came across your ‘Politics, eh?’ one and, while I enjoyed it (the status quo for your podcasts), I found that there were some nagging issues which I thought could be a fair basis for…well, something: Another show, a random topic-change in another show, ignoring, which ever. (Also, I’ll apologise for commenting here when it’s an episode entirely other that I’m talking about….) The primary one which I found strange (as a Canadian myself…I should probably have prefaced this section of the comment with that fact…) was the lack of…well…Canadiana, let alone Canadians. And while it’s not entirely surprising that it dealt mainly with an American perception of Canada, it tended to drift (not entirely surprising, perhaps) back over to American politics. In the end, I found it to be…not entirely aptly named.

    …Wow I can ramble…. At any rate, my point was that I think that it might be interesting to spend a show at some point in future with a Canadian talking about a more…Canadian perspective on the country, and perhaps a perspective on the US (there’s an interesting difference right there: Canadians generally never call your country ‘America’ …Sorry for that needless parenthetical comment, but the linguistics-nerd in me frequently gets the better of me). I seem to remember that you’re hoping to get a multinational show (From Prague, {insert South Korean city name here}, and the US) done in the summer, so…might I suggest a Canadian thrown in there for good measure?

    P.S. While I don’t want to self-promote too much…if you can’t find another Canadian…. *waves Canadian flag*
    P.P.S. Even after I just spent far too long ragging on that one show, I think I should reïterate that I’m actually a big fan, not just an angry pedant…. Pedant, frequently. Angry one? Not usually.

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