Episode 049: Frozen Philosophy [Video Only]

As you long-time listeners no doubt know, we here at BF are prone to technical issues like a pigeon is prone to relieving himself on cars – we do it randomly, completely without intention, and ultimately everyone ends up various degrees of pissed. Well… that happened a couple of weeks ago when Jed, Kevin, and I attempted to record an episode about social engineering. Feel free to watch what there is of this episode and try to imagine how it could’ve ended…

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One Comment on "Episode 049: Frozen Philosophy [Video Only]"

  1. MossyQuartz
    30/01/2010 at 11:09 pm Permalink

    Social Engineering is a new name for an old practice. The Keven was right about scam artists using this practice. Mentalism stage performances rely on the same talents, but the end of using these means are for the intent of applause. Some of the names that I looked up on Wikipedia while I was listening to this archived video are: Mae West, Joseph Dunninger, and Corinda.

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