Episode 028: But Is It Science?

Since the dawn of time, man has peered out humbly at the world through his eyeballs and tried to make sense of it all in some systematic fashion. Aristotle famously set this ship of science on its way when he remarked casually one fine Grecian day, “You know, studies show that women have fewer teeth than men.” Of course, he was full of s***, but that’s beside the point! The A-man set a precedent of discourse that has continued to this very day, according to some experts.

On this episode BF embarked on the adventure of video once again, trying and failing to broadcast via Justin.tv and then returning to our loyal stalwart, Stickam. We had Eric Beutlich back on for his second appearance since co-founding the podcast, and numero uno fanboy Jed Cummins once again operated our camera. It wasn’t scientific, it wasn’t pretty, but it was most definitely BF. Have a listen!

This week’s post-roll music: “That Spells DNA” by Jonathan Coulton. Buy it! Download it! Whatever! We love the man and his music, and so should you.

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